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Delivering educational services
and consumer products that are
underpinned by the core principles of
nature and design thinking.


Our Philosophy

The planet and its people are in a transition and whether awakened or dormant, in each of us there exists a desire to advance our understanding of humanity, to prise open our minds, hearts and spirits, to tip our collective will towards the magnificent possibilities available to us through the conquest of human endeavour.

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The Generalised Principles Program

Inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller (Bucky), The Generalised Principles Program delves into the laws of nature, specifically the laws of physics and chemistry for which Bucky coined the phrase

“Generalised Principles”. These principles not only govern our physical universe but also our metaphysical universe effecting human behaviour and relationships in our business and personal lives.

This master class will benefit those who want to better understand the work of Buckminster Fuller, and those who are in leadership, change management, innovation and disruptive roles across any industry.

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Our Mission

To raise global awareness of the core principles of nature and to inspire their application by individuals, communities, companies and governments to whole systems design in all aspects of life to ensure a compassionate and sustainable future.


Jerry Speiser

Educator, Science Philosopher, Business Consultant, Music Producer, Drummer


Catherine Stace

Entrepreneur, Change Agent, Health Advocate, Co-Founder, SW/TCH Festival and Keynote Speaker



Having completed four Masters Degrees and having lectured for 10 years, I was surprised that anyone could transfer so much wisdom, in such simple terms, in such a short time. Being a science graduate and a science teacher I never imagined that the laws of nature could be practised in our day to day life. Now, because of my association with Jerry I have been able to practise them in my personal and business life.

At Zero.Com, we have used Jerry extensively to kick off our software roll-out programmes. He has helped the users of our software embrace change by having the generalised principles brought into their lives. Jerry has become our mentor in utilising these principles in our business. The result is we have grown as a software system provider in Australia as well as exporting our systems to 32 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and Central Europe.

I recommend Your Future By Design to anyone contemplating attending this programme. If it doesn’t change your life, it will certainly give you some useful tools to help you conduct your personal and professional life.

– Pramod KhistyManaging Director of Zero.Com Pty Ltd

Jerry Speiser has one of the most acute minds I have ever encountered. His ability to put himself ‘inside’ Buckminster Fuller’s mind and understand and communicate his work in a fun, easy, entertaining way is an extraordinary and very valuable gift.”

– Krystyna Clarke, Director, Clarke-Books Publishing


I attended the Bucky Fuller study group and found it to be intriguing. Jerry Speiser’s degree in Physics and his down-to-earth approach and examples turned confusing “Fullerese” into simple English that is easily understood. If you are interested in learning more about our earth and our role in it but find Bucky sometimes difficult to comprehend, I highly recommend Jerry’s fun, cooperative learning group. I loved it!

– Wayne Morgan, CEO, The Real Estate Business School


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