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About Us


Jerry Speiser

Educator, Science Philosopher, Business Consultant, Music Producer, Drummer

Jerry balances his life across two industries: education and music.

In the music industry, his passion for playing drums started as a four year old when he heard the marching drums from the nearby primary school. After years of dedication to his craft he co-founded Men at Work, one of Australia’s internationally most successful bands. MAW won a Grammy award for Best New Artist in 1982, sold over 12 million albums worldwide and was inducted into the Australian Music Hall of Fame in 1994. Since MAW, Jerry has played with various bands live and in the studio. He is a solid contributor to any rhythm section and can play a range of genres. He has a unique and distinctive drumming style and knows how to drive a band. Jerry has also had experience in the musical goods aspect of the industry having been a part owner of a retail store and owner manager of a wholesale business.


As well as playing drums he has worked as a music producer for 35 years. His expertise is in getting the best out of songs and the artists who perform them. He works with songwriters and musicians, arranging songs and getting musicians to perform better than they thought possible. He is currently producing an album project in Melbourne on which he is also playing drums.

As an Educator and Science Philosopher

In the year after completing his BSc with a major in physics, Jerry began tutoring in maths and physics as well as teaching drums. Learning and teaching come naturally to Jerry and when he was introduced to the work of Buckminster Fuller in 1990, he was inspired to learn more and started a ‘Bucky Study Group’. This launched him into a new career where he ran workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and America.

To Jerry, physics is also philosophy, a way of thinking and consequently he had an immediate affinity with Fuller who had an amazing ability to bridge physics and philosophy or the physical and the metaphysical. Jerry’s expertise is in teaching and interpreting the generalised principles and how to apply them in business and everyday life.


As a Business Consultant

From speaking and presenting workshops, it was a natural progression when Jerry was asked to come into organisations to implement systems based on the generalised principles. He assumed the role of a business coach and consultant, which evolved into a consulting business. He has worked with many organisations, helping them evolve to be more efficient and productive. What is more significant is that the methodology used in making these improvements inadvertently transforms the culture of these organisations so they become fully functioning, self-correcting environments of fulfilment.



Catherine Stace

Entrepreneur, Change Agent, Health Advocate, Co-Founder, SW/TCH Festival and Keynote Speaker

Catherine has more than 30 years’ experience in the corporate and not-for- profit sectors. Her expertise is in developing disruptive change strategies and leading the business growth across reputation, revenue and relationships. 

Catherine has an interest in whole systems design and collaboration and leads through the transition phase from chaos to order. She embraces deep inquiry based on the core principles of relational partnerships to change environments, mindset and behaviour aligned to purpose and values.

During her tenure as CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Catherine’s role was to raise awareness of brain cancer, develop business innovation and lead the commercial sustainability, community engagement, brand and awareness on behalf of the Foundation. She led the growth from a two person $2M Foundation to a 28 person $9.5M Foundation in just over 4 years and helped develop a global approach to urgently redress the gaps in brain cancer research, advocacy, awareness, community engagement and fundraising.

Prior to her roles in the Not-For- Profit sector, Catherine was Founder and Managing Director of a national marketing communications agency where she led in-market strategies for leading global brands.

She is co-founder of SW/TCH Festival, an industry collaboration and learning event designed to create linkages to innovation, data, ideas and disruption across industry sectors to generate a flurry of commercial outcomes for Australian multi-nationals and companies.

Catherine has post graduate certificates in Marketing and English Literature and is an accomplished speaker in the Not-For- Profit and strategy sectors on innovation, change management and disruption.


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