Buckminster Fuller & the Generalised Principles

Jerry’s Inspiration

Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) was an architect, author, poet, philosopher, inventor and mathematician among many other things. He had a deep understanding of the laws of nature, which are essentially the laws of physics and chemistry, and recognised that these laws were not limited to explaining the behaviour of matter, but also explained human behaviour and how we think. He renamed these laws Generalised Principles and was able to see life and how it interfaces with the environment in terms of principle. He lived and worked as an individual, not belonging to any organisation so he could operate on behalf of humanity, his endeavour always to invent artifacts to raise humanity’s standard of living.

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buckminster fuller

Matt & Gail Taylor & Design Thinking

Catherine’s Inspiration

Catherine was first introduced to design thinking through Matt and Gail Taylor and later by Alex Klat-Smith when working on two important projects – Transform Australia and the Global Brain Exchange. Each time, Catherine witnessed esteemed subject matter experts bump heads with other subject matter experts, not due to personality differences but rather, due to siloed thinking rather than viewing the problem or opportunity as a whole  system.

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