Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The planet and its people are in a transition and whether awakened or dormant, in each of us there exists a desire to advance our understanding of humanity, to prise open our minds, hearts and spirits, to tip our collective will towards the magnificent possibilities available to us through the conquest of human endeavour.

We live in systemic complexity, placing great pressure on society to find balance. Dysfunction is commonplace and correcting it is costly. This systemic complexity can be minimised if we learn to be more comprehensively considerate in the ‘design of things’ in the first place.

In the next era, on our doorstep now, disruption and innovation will reset the records, giving humanity a renewed chance to contribute to the design of our future and our experiences on this planet, in more comprehensive, compassionate and considerate ways.

Many governments, corporations and people are grappling with the realities and consequences of a rapidly changing world and are focused on staying safe by retaining control and maintaining the status quo. Others are looking ahead to capitalise on the era of emergent ideologies and commercial convergence, diversification and scalability. Political unrest is another sign of the emergence of new societal needs that demand further iteration to remain inclusive.

At this point, take a step back and consider all that needs to be designed in comprehensively considerate ways. From the foods we purchase and consume to the cars we drive, everything is up for review and renewal.

With this massive shift there will surely emerge new power brokers who will be limitless in pursuit of innovation, regarding territories with a fresh perspective but, if we back the right people we will forge deeper connections to the common good and the wellbeing of our planet. This is not a time to be attracted to shiny new products or people, but rather, be moved to support the common good.

Attributes such as compassion, diversity, empathy and being comprehensively considerate are all part of a whole system design aligned with the core principles of nature. It is this approach we aim to take forward in our teachings and businesses to fully realise the power of sustainability and regeneration for our planet.

It is these elements that inspire us and give hope. We have everything we need on this planet, we are regenerative by design, we just need to bring forth to our consciousness the importance of being comprehensively considerate and instill, dare even demand this awareness into the design of systems, products, policy, services and ideas. This is for everybody to learn in his or her role as consumer, influencer, designer, decision maker, teacher, parent, friend or funder.

Our philosophy is to contribute positively to humanity through service and products designed with a comprehensively considerate ethos and to bring to the individual, the tools, ethos, knowledge and power to be a comprehensively considerate human being so that together, we can take humanity to a higher state of consciousness and restore a safe, viable and sustainable future for our planet. 


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